The Lost Blogs: Colombia-#IBMCSC: I love the nightlife!

Here’s the deal: yes, Colombia is great and the CSC experience is awesome, but there is something else that is integral to any personal revelation and that is the human condition.  How many times have we seen beer commercials and thought, yes, I want that lifestyle.  Who are we kidding?  Yes, you may have a perfect life, with the perfect partner and perfect kids, but whatever happened to camaraderie?  Whatever happened to caring about people outside of your family? Whatever happened to letting your guard down and just living in the moment?  Life moves very fast and suddenly we are picking out burial plots and tombstones, but there is so much that can happen in-between.  Life is an experience and yet we treat it as a daily occurrence.  There will come a day when days won’t exist for you.  Shouldn’t you enjoy the ride while you are here?IMG_0608

My point is that life is best experienced by sharing your journey with others,  whether it be for a moment or a lifetime.   If you think back on your favorite memories, you’ll recall that the best memories are those left to chance.  The time that started out like any evening, but ended up being like nothing ever experienced.  You may be wondering where I’m going in this blog and the answer is nowhere since it’s just words.  But I do have a point.  Watch the sunrise, love those who love you, be open-minded to those who wander in your path.  This is it! This is your life! You can either go along to get along or find a way to make each day the best day ever. Okay, so now I’m off the tracks, but CSC is more than just finding a solution to a client’s problem.  It’s a rediscovery of oneself and motivation to plot a course that will allow you to savor every day.   We’ve all heard that life is short, but for some reason, we don’t fully comprehend that until we are breathing our last breath.   What do you want from life? How are you going to leave your mark?  You can be a spectator in life or you can blaze a path to a brighter tomorrow.  So stop surfing the web and get out there.  Today is the yesterday that tomorrow forgot.

(This is a lost blog.  It was originally scheduled to be published in August 2016. The content is still relevant.)


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