Colombia-CSC: The Third Week in Review

It was bound to happen.  There comes a time in most situations that if you do something enough times, it becomes a routine.  During the previous two blogs, I was able to provide a recap of each day.  For the third week, one day flowed into the next.  Project-wise,  it was the most intensive week thus far.  This was the week to bring all the information gathered during the previous weeks and create a logical framework in which to deliver a solution. The team was in sync and by the end of the week, we had a solid draft. We could have celebrated, but this was the first Friday where we did not have an excursion planned; so Friday was just like any other day.

Routine had found Friday and stripped it of its charm and randomness.  The only upside was that Friday has a night, and studies show that it’s better than most other nights.  All the teams had been busy during the week, racing to conclude their projects in advance of next week’s presentations. When Friday night finally arrived, we assembled on a dance floor and cut footloose. It was a great way to shed the weekdays and welcome the weekend.

You might be thinking that the third week seems to be lost in the shuffle and you would be correct.  Using The Brady Bunch as an analogy, the third week could be best described as  Jan Brady; however, I’m quite confident that the fourth and final week will be nothing but Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!


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