Colombia-CSC: The Second Week in Review

P1090037I was hopeful that the second week would start off well, since each day was becoming a little easier, both from a project aspect and from a social aspect.  However, I soon realized that a Monday in Colombia can be just like a Monday anywhere. For example,  did you know that most heart attacks occur on a Monday?  Additional research on the subject of Mondays led to this:

The good news was that I did not have a heart attack on Monday; the bad news was that I did not write a song about Mondays either; I could have used a quick 15 minutes of fame.  In any event, Monday was not as bad as I’m leading you to believe; I just thought you’d enjoy a soundtrack of Monday songs.  Like a 78 RPM record playing at 33 RPMs, it did start off slow as we were still shuffling through documents, awaiting final sign-off on the Statement of Work (SOW), and wanting to put together a workable plan.  On the upside, we did complete a template of the deliverable, along with a table of contents.  I could write more about Monday, but I find that day undeserving of my time, so let’s move to Tuesday.

Tuesday was better, as we developed a work plan and had several meetings that helped us shape our objectives.  I would tell you more about Tuesday, but I currently can’t recall much, most likely because I was happy that Monday had left the building. In fact, let’s speed things up and put Monday way into the shadows by having a mid-week celebration that is known as Wednesday.

You must be thinking that Wednesday was something special, but it was almost like Tuesday.  The one aspect I do recall is that we had a meeting with the Latin American Regional Water Fund and they were extremely enthusiastic about our approach.   We also made some more headway on some of our deliverables, but by this time Thursday was tipping its “T” in my direction.

Thursday, as expected, was a great day.  We met with one of our key clients for the first time since kick-off and I’m not sure what he was expecting, but he was “wowed”.  I know this to be true because when we unveiled our work plan and table of contents, he was surprised.  This project, at the very least, should take a month, and our schedule just gave us nine business days to complete. In my mind, I started to think that we could have scaled this down, but it was too late; it was already out there.

Later in the day, we had a meeting with Bavaria Brewery, as they are one of the donors to the Bogotá Water Fund.  The meeting was productive and I even had my first Pony Malta, which is malt beer without the alcohol.  It tasted like chocolate milk with fizz.  I was thinking a little vanilla ice cream would make this drink perfect.

While we are there, Colombia was playing Venezuela in soccer or futbol (depending on our your perspective).  The entire office was entranced as excitement transpired on the screen.  When Colombia scored, it was almost like being in the stadium.  It’s a great experience when one can watch a country unite behind their team and cheer them on. (Colombia eventually went on to win the game.)  All that remains is Friday.

If you recall, last week’s blog ended on Thursday as Friday was so special that it deserved its own post. The same can be written for this Friday as well.  I can tell you that we’ll be traveling to another part of Bogotá and visiting an elementary school to discuss and demonstrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

As I reread this blog post, I realize that there is not much detail, so if there is something you want to know, just ask and I’ll put it in for the third week in review.  Also, I have not mentioned another part of this experience yet, and that is the social aspect.  That will be forthcoming, so don’t fret.  As Mr. Sinatra sang, “Still, it’s a real good bet, the best is yet to come.”



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