Colombia-CSC: The Written Introduction

Today was the first day that the team was able to assemble in person.  Many traveled long distances in order to participate and were happy to finally be on the ground and in-person.

During the morning session, we participated in several icebreakers.  One required us to draw.  While no true artist appeared before us, many of the drawings were very colorful. The exercise was quite revealing and the drawings provided us with insight that we would not have gained otherwise.

By mid-morning, it was time for a walk, so we headed out for a neighborhood tour.  The neighborhood is located in Zona G (the G stands for Gourmet), which in recent years has become a major Bogotá dining destination. Here travelers can find restaurants that specialize in brunch, meat, crepes, breakfast, and burgers, as well as excellent Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Peruvian food. Several years ago, this area was all residential, so many of the eateries and shops are converted residences.

After lunch, we returned for our afternoon session where we discussed our statement of work (SOW) with each of our subgroups and then reviewed each SOW as a team.  Unfortunately, by this time, some of us were experiencing acute mountain sickness (AMS) and were very tired. A good night rest was needed by all, but I’m staying up to write this blog. As soon as I post this, I’ll be counting sheep.  I’m confident that the sheep will jump the fence without issue and are excited about the good days to come.  Until then….



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